Wishing all students a safE and Exciting 2018-2019 school year!

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The 5th Inc is a small faith-based grassroots organization with a big heart that loves to "do life" with those often overlooked.  Starting with a community of Miami, Florida, and reaching into Hollywood, Florida, we aim to help youth and young adults discover, develop, and grow to fulfill their purpose in life.  It takes more than one to build a community and our goal is to join with anyone who wishes to do the same.  In addition to our sessions, we aim to serve the community at local gatherings, mentor juvenile detainees, and create strong leaders that give back.  Your support of any amount helps, so please do not hesitate to give.



When you're pursuing what you feel you're called to do, sometimes it's not easy to keep at it for the long haul.  Many people you think made it, have had hard times and wanted to quit....but their purpose prevailed. 


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