New Year, New You?

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At the beginning of every new year, the same tradition arises of making new year’s resolutions.  We promise ourselves to lose weight, pick up a new hobby, take a fun class, or even obtain a new love interest.  No matter what new year’s resolution is set, will it really be a new you?  Will your thoughts change or the way you approach situations?  Will you make better efforts to calm your temper or just figure out how you can best avoid certain people?  Whatever it is, making new decisions to be better in any way requires something different to change within you.  Everything outwardly that we do begins with a process that happens inside of us.  It could be in our heads, our hearts, or in our physical body. Noticing the need to change begins within you.  So will you really have a new year and a new you? You absolutely can. Step back, reflect, and begin to re-work yourself with the inside process so that what happens outside will be a success.  Let peace be a covering factor in all the decisions that you make as you journey through this new year...Happy New Year!    


keep moving. you’re not alone.

When you're pursuing what you feel you're called to do, sometimes it's not easy to keep at it for the long haul. No matter what it may be, there’s someone who’s been on that path before you and kept moving forward. Find them and learn their story. Let it motivate you not to quit.


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