"And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables,
that he may run that readeth it." - Habakkuk 2:2 (KJV)


the movement


The 5th Inc. is a nonprofit community driven group that primarily serves youth and young adults in middle school, high school, and first year college students. The Movement is established to encourage and motivate this population to #beaboutsomething. It is our firm belief that if every young person discovered, developed, and grew in the purpose for which they were created, the quality of our future would improve. Our methods not only include directly reaching young people by our own means, but also by partnering with organizations, schools, churches, and local businesses that wish to do the same. It takes more than one to build a community and our goal is to join with anyone who wishes to empower the next generation.

Starting as a small organization in Miami, Florida with a big heart to "do life" with those often overlooked, we are now reaching out across all of South Florida. We aim to serve in various ways which include hosting community forums, conducting educational sessions, and training youth to be strong leaders that give back. Your support of any amount helps, so please do not hesitate to give. *Although our primary target group is teens and young adults, we also occasionally serve lower age groups.

Sherese James / Founder and Executive Director
Jonathan Grow / Director Of Operations
Mycah Richardson / Children's Programming Advisor


  • Direct Services to Youth and Young Adults

    • Helping to build the capacity of the younger population by offering various sessions on personal and professional development. Youth are motivated and taught relevant topics to improve all components of human development with a central focus of spiritual well-being.

  • Partnering to Assist Youth Organizations

    • Assisting with program design, implementation, and follow-up of goals and youth/family relationships.


Our current outreach programs offered by request include:

  • Relationships Education - certified instruction using curriculum from The Center for Relationship Education to teach young people how to live and love well.

  • 5LA (5th Leadership Academy) - in depth leadership training sessions that explore self-leadership, leadership within family and friends, and leadership within the school or community. Participants can earn a certificate for community service hours.

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Skills Training - introducing students to the fundamentals of creating and owning a business. Participants will learn the whys of entrepreneurship for self and the economy, learn parts of the business plan, and ways to secure funding for a business idea. Students also learn business skills in an extended program to grow students professional development.

  • "The Pursuit of Purpose" Seminar - interactive motivational and education seminar teaching youth and young adults how to identify specific gifts and talents, set goals, and navigate life issues.

  • The Asphalt Basketball Tournaments - designed from the heart of Jonathan, a 3-on-3 quarterly community tournament that also brings awareness on how basketball teaches about life.

  • Juvenile Justice Sessions - m and taught life skills via the use of pop culture and other relevant news in society. Sessions include faith based methods.

  • Community Motivational and Educational Sessions - community gatherings to help educate the local community about various societal issues. Topics can range from dealing with depression, improving relationships, to understanding civic policies.

  • Media Smart Youth Health Initiative - teaching students in 10-week sessions how to navigate the complex media world and make thoughtful decisions about nutrition and physical activity. (From the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development) *Upon request

  • Personal Development & Life Coaching - Youth or young adults who need one-on-one support to develop life goals, manage social or behavioral issues, or support to achieve a dream may schedule time to meet.

*To request info of any of our programs or trainings, please contact us.  


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THANK YOU to all the great people and organizations that partner with us to reach youth! 

We are always updating our list so CLICK HERE to see our premier partners.  

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Husband and wife team, Jonathan and Sherese, have ministered to youth within the public school system, afterschool programs, summer camps, and juvenile detention centers.  A non-traditional couple who's love for young people causes them to override society's politically correct standards.  In their talks they cover topics such as identity issues, race relations, sexual abuse, and even church hurt in real and relevant ways.  For more information about the The 5th or to request a session at your youth or college group, please visit our Contact Page.

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