“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
— Charles Dickens

Have you ever experienced fighting against something that seemed like a win-less battle?  Ever felt completely alone not knowing how to handle what's ahead?  One of the girls in our sessions stated this, "Sometimes I feel like I'm in a boxing ring, and I look across the ring and see this big person with all these people behind them getting ready to fight me.  I look around in my corner and see no one.  That's how I feel sometimes." 

No one should ever feel this way...especially our young people.  Unfortunately we live in a society where there are great injustices and painful situations.  Our goal at The 5th is to be in that young person's corner.  Many of our target youth come from broken families and harsh environments.  We want to bring a sense of peace, support, community, and most of all love to to help them succeed. Help us help them.  (Click here to see what we need.)  With you we can do so much more.     

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