The 5th and Coke Perseveres

By S. James

     A trip to Atlanta, Georgia isn't complete unless you've been to the incredible World of Coca-cola.  It’s a place where your senses and emotions are pleasantly covered in all things Coke.  At the entrance of the museum, you're given a bottle of Coke to drink while you're led into a room of various Coke branding throughout the years.  The tour ends with you being able to taste a variety of flavors.  (Anyone got that great taste of Beverly?)  By the time you leave the property, you’ll definitely consider becoming a faithful Coke drinker if you weren’t before.

     Like many people before me (and many more after me), I left out with quite a few things.  Besides my cute Coke wallet (ha!), the most important was the realization of just how powerful perseverance can be to your life.  John Pemberton, the creator of Coca-Cola, had a simple idea to make a beverage.  His motivation kept him going until he made the perfect concoction.  Although he encountered hardships, he knew his drink would be nationally known one day…and now it's known globally.

     Perseverance is something that all of us need to achieve success.  We first must know what we want to do and then believe that we can do it.  As you start moving towards your goal, realize that challenges will come to try and knock you off your path.  And honestly, those knocks can take your breath away and make you feel like quitting to breathe normally again.  

     I started The 5th because I would see young people lack the perseverance to achieve their dreams...especially in the inner cities.  Life and hardships get in the way and the obstacles seem too hard to overcome.  The 5th was created as a Youth Motivational and Educational Group to help those youth see life differently and have a community of help that feels like a second family. 

     My first attempts at growing this didn't go as I hoped, but like John Pemberton, I persevered to find the right “concoction” to give life to this dream God placed in my heart.  After many trials and errors, The 5th is permanently established to help youth #beaboutsomething…something good and productive for themselves and society.   It takes knowing for themselves what they are created to do in the eyes of God and believing they can do it.  So whether it’s at school, in the community, at a job, or in a church, we’re all made to do something productive.  At The 5th, we've made it our goal to help youth see it the best way we can.  We don't make promises, but don't be surprised if you see us as a national movement one day...just like John Pemberton believed with his Coca-Cola.