Live Your Life With Purpose


By J. Grow

     You planned to have the best life that you could provide and wanted everything to be perfect.  You never wanted to struggle like your parents when they were raising you.  So you took a job with great benefits and it paid well.  You continued to work your way through the company and get promotion after promotion.  You lived a secure life and thought that was all life was meant to be; to live better than you grew up.  But as you were getting more gray hairs and the wrinkles set in, you realized that the dreams you had to change the world when you were younger, were buried for a life of boring security.  

     As you realize what you gave up, you start to feel regret for your decisions and wish you lived a life with more risks.  So the question becomes is life about security or chasing dreams?  A quote I heard that confirmed how I want to look at my purpose in life was “you can either build your vision or someone will pay you to build there’s.” A vision for your life is what you dream about as a kid that becomes a passion as you get older.  A decision has to be made: we can either chase our passions or get paid to chase someone else’s passion.  In my opinion, people who chase their passion that’s brewing inside always tend to be happier and live life without regrets. Those who chose life's boring security, are never really pleased with where they are.  Millennials should be the generation to buck the trend of a secure job and find hope and happiness in letting our passions burn.  Dreaming isn’t for just kids; it's for teenagers, young adults, and adults who have dreams and chase them. Don’t live a life unfulfilled in exchange for a secure life.