An Exciting New Chapter In Life

By Mycah Richardson

     My inner city high school experience was a roller coaster from having great friends to losing friends.   It was about appearance and who you hang around which decides what level of popularity you will be. It’s very easy to get caught up in that life style.  However the one thing I realized since I have graduated high school is that it was only four years of my life. I Know that sounds very cliché but it really is the truth. Once I realized that in my senior year, it became a breeze of not letting the little things hurt me.  I could handle certain situations differently.  An example of this is when I stopped trying to find myself through my friendships.  I’m not saying having friends is a bad thing.  It’s when you feel that you can’t have fun or really be yourself because you don’t have friends that it becomes a problem.  I was that person that would stay friends with someone even if they weren’t really decent for me. I realized that relationship was hindering me from being my true self and nobody that I hang around should define who I am. So at the beginning of my senior I was going in with the mindset that who comes in my life may be temporary or permanent.  I know it sounds rough but it saved me a lot of problems.  When someone did me wrong I didn’t take it as personal.  My new mindset prevented a lot of drama from happening. Instead of fighting and going off on the person I could just pick up and move on. I could easily move that person to the temporary list. For the people that became permanent, they are now like family.  I know if I ever had a problem they will have my back.

     For any of you that are going into your senior year, a new grade level, school, or any new place, go in with a mindset that you are going to “DO YOU.”  Don’t let following the crowd or being someone’s friend define who you are. As I watched in a video called “Do You, Boo-Boo”, I remembered that high school is only a small part of your life.  So if don’t make as many friends as you want or you’re more of a loner it’s perfectly fine. This world is a very big place you will eventually find a friend. Actually, now that I have been out of high school, I have met really good friends that are similar to me.  They help grow me spiritually which I believe is a very important aspect in my life. As a Christian in today’s world it’s very easy to slip but now that I have good friends to keep me accountable, I don’t slip up as much.

     So I leave you with this: if you focus on yourself and make sure that whoever you have in your life helps you grow as a person, then everything else should fall in line.  Peace!