Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj: Being About Your Purpose Builds Skills

Only a little time has passed since the beginning of the trending topic concerning beef between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj.  Since “everybody and their mama” had something to say about it, I decided we should say something, too.  But what can we say that puts a different spin on the topic?  How can this topic be made into a teachable lesson even though it’s about a rap beef?  The goal of our blogs is to take real life situations and find that teachable moment.  So let's see what we can learn from this.....

In the case of Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj, a lesson to be learned is one about PURPOSE.  On the surface, we see that Remy released a song that was a very harsh against Nicki.  If you haven’t done any research or followed the trending topics, you wouldn’t understand the reason behind it.  Remy made it clear that her “diss” song didn’t come out of the blue.  She stated that it came after several incidents of Nicki and her team using tactics to prevent her from being seen at certain venues, or her music being played on radio stations.  Whether we believe it or not, it has been documented that similar behavior does exist in that industry.  This is not a stretch to believe because it happens in regular places of employment…which will be a subject for another blog. 

Today’s teachable moment specifically has to do with the affects of an individual knowing and growing in their purpose.  As a result of this “diss” track it has been established that due to Remy’s talent at battle rapping, she’s now been labeled a better rapper than Nicki.  It is being said that Nicki can no longer claim to be the “Queen of Rap.”  Now before you turn this subject into an argument, I want to point out the group of people who have decreed this point.  In the culture of hip hop, rap music derived from poor urban communities.  Individuals gifted enough would take words and craft them into a story that talked about real life.  When battle rap was introduced, it was about taking the realness of urban life to boast about yourself and “diss” another rapper.   Remy and Nicki both claim to be about the hip hop culture.  Nicki Minaj, now a brand that has accumulated millions of followers, began in hip hop.  However, if you listen to most of Nicki’s songs today, you will see her evolving away from what hip-hop was founded on.  The songs no longer speak of the realness within a community, but instead are sexual, soft, and “pop” in nature. 

Both Remy and Nicki have said they come from the rawness of hip hop.  Remy is known as a strong female rapper, while Nicki has claimed herself the Queen of Rap.  So in this battle, the question becomes, who is really the best rapper?  Who has consistently been about the PURPOSE of true hip hop?  If a person believes they are created to do something, would that passion ever change?  In the case of Nicki and Remy, if they say they are both real rappers within the hip hop culture, shouldn’t what they do reflect that?

One thing I know is if you feel you were made to do something, then it burns deep inside of you.  Nothing else will calm that passion except to do what you were created to do.  If you easily begin to change from doing one thing to another, then you have to ask yourself, do you know what your purpose is?  Knowing and being about your purpose makes you better at it.  Your skill will improve and the effectiveness of how you use it will be impactful.  And perhaps that’s why Remy’s “diss” track was so heavy.  Staying true to the original essence of the hip hop culture has improved her skill and the strength behind what she says.  To people who understand and grew up with hip hop, Nicki’s transition of her new style has left her rap skills weaker in comparison to Remy’s.  Yes, Nicki will have more money since pop is everywhere and sex sells to any culture.  But the title as  of Queen of Rap belongs to someone who has stayed the course and been true to their PURPOSE in hip hop.  Your purpose shouldn’t change because someone pays you to change it.  It’s inescapable.  It’s a part of you.  It’s what you breathe.  And when you #beaboutsomething that you were created to do, your skills will outshine them all.