#AaronHernandez: Hope Lost

Aaron Hernandez was a man with such great potential.  When I heard that he completed suicide in prison, I was deeply saddened.  Deeply.  How does such a handsome-looking man, end up hanging from a prison cell window?  He left behind a daughter that will never really know her father and notes to people that included his alleged gay lover...and please note that I said "alleged."  Whoever he wrote a note to, we have to ask, "How did his life that seemed to have so much potential get reduced to such an ending?"  The truth is because he made a choice.

Who is born to die without hope? 

Do we really think a loving God would allow life to come on this earth and hope not be made available to them?  Some of us blame God for our problems.  It’s His fault we don’t have enough to eat.  His fault a loved one dies.  His fault a husband leaves his wife destitute.  His fault we were abused.  His fault that people are racist and do harm to others.  Or even His fault because he “caused” Trump to get elected.  And yes, I’ve heard people try to blame God for that.

For a moment, I want those people to stop and think about this question: do you really know God?  Have you read about Him in the Bible?  Have you spent time trying to be in His presence?  If you did, you would know that none of those things are His fault.  It’s the result of the sinful evil nature that resides in our hearts as humans.  Everything we tend to blame God for, we forget that it was a human being on that end to make the choice to do what they did.  We fail to realize that God created us with the beauty to MAKE A CHOICE.  He pushes nothing on us.  Not even believing in Him.  That parent that abused their child had a choice to get pregnant and have a child to abuse.  That husband who left his wife, chose to leave her that way.  That stray bullet that killed an innocent child, was shot by someone who chose to go shooting in that area.  All those choices were made by people who chose to impose their own negative will that greatly affected another human being.

It doesn’t matter that someone else made a poor choice to get you in a bind.  As long as you are living and can make a conscious decision, you can CHOOSE your way out of the bondage.  As long as you are alive, there is hope to be found.  Trust me, I know.  I’ve been in many tough situations that if I didn’t do it to myself, someone else did it to me.  I learned that I have a choice to make: either I stay stuck or I get myself out.  Unfortunately, Aaron chose to succumb to the evilness that was fed to him and landed him in prison.  He was only 23 years old when he went in.  Doomed for the rest of his life to be behind bars.  No matter how many hits a person took playing football, nothing destroys a man like him losing all hope. 

So for that, I’ve learned that we can’t blame God.    

The Bible says God wishes that we would prosper and be in good health even as our soul prospers.  But realize it’s up to us.  Life may dish some horrible blows, but God says there are ways out of it.  There are certain things that take longer or are harder than others; but you can still get out.  Just set your mind to it.  When you do,  you'll see God begin to shift things to place in front of you to latch on for help.  He does it time and time again, but we usually refuse to see it.  What He places in front of us requires letting go of whatever we were holding on to: the limelight, drugs, money, friends, that guy or that girl.  And guess what?  We rarely want to let go of the thing that drags us down to instead grab hold to something that will give us life.  I was there and learned the hard way, but now I will let go.  I have no problem saying "Deuces".  It's my life I have to live until I die, right?

There is a purpose for our lives and a very real enemy to have us not fulfill it.  Either you will let him win, or be the conqueror God desires you to be.  The choice is your’s.  Everyone has a purpose.  Everyone has a choice.  Everyone can #beaboutsomething great.