Jurassic Park: Ariana Richards All Grown Up

By S. James

Before the most recent Jurassic Park starring Chris Pratt became a hit, the original movie burst onto our screens over twenty years ago.  The original Jurassic Park was such a hit that it grossed over $900 million in its initial run.  That blockbuster movie completely changed my thoughts on dinosaurs.  I seriously became interested in what happened to them...and I’m sure I’m not alone, ha!

The young stars of Jurassic Park have all grown up to do various things.  In an ever-changing Hollywood industry, most child actors find themselves growing out of work.  Not so in the case of Ariana Richards.  Yes she slowed down in making movies in Hollywood, but her work life evolved into visual artistry.  Ariana is now a professional painter whose works have sold for thousands of dollars. 

When understanding purpose and what we’re created to do in life, it can often be seen in our immediate surroundings as a kid.  What are we drawn to do? What are the talents in the family?  What have you been trained in?  Although the world was introduced to her as a child actress, Ariana was born into a family of artists.  Her parents wanted to cultivate a create skill in her, so they placed her in art and acting classes.   Even though her acting opportunities increased, she never neglected her love to paint.  Her skill in painting grew to a point where she was able to sell her very first painting while promoting Jurassic Park!  Her love of acting was soon supercede by her love to paint.  One passion helped the other, but her life’s main purpose has prevailed.  Ariana states in her own words, “It wasn’t so much that I was making a choice to stop acting.  It was more that art gradually bloomed and became more important to me.”

Whatever it is we do in life, do all of it to the best of your ability with a positive attitude.  Your life will develop and grow into exactly what you should be doing…and you’ll be happy at it!

Check out Ariana Richards paintings at galleryariana.com.