Schooled by Cupcake Wars

By S. James


In our journey to encourage people to #beaboutsomething, what better way to do so than including sweets!  My absolute favorite type of dessert is a great cake.  A close third is cake’s little brother, cupcake, that’s only second after Cinnabon’s cinnamon roll.  Cinnabon is really good!

But this blog isn’t written to encourage anyone to eat cupcakes, or any dessert at all.  It’s really written about what I’ve learned from watching Cupcake Wars.  After binge watching Cupcake Wars, I began to see a surprising common factor among many bakers.  Quite a few of them did not go to “cupcake baking school.”  They were doing something different, and by circumstance, decided to try making cupcakes.  Maybe it was a job loss, being a stay-at-home mom, or being let go from the corporate world which caused them to seek purpose elsewhere.  They were on a path of doing one thing, but realized (or was made to realize) that there was more to life than what was immediately offered to them. 

Sometimes, discovering our true purpose in life will happen like that.  We could be on a path that knocks us out of stability or just may be extremely boring.  You could be a teen at school and thought making that sports team was the answer to your life.  Maybe you’re a college student who’s struggling in a major you chose because of the money you thought you could make.  The latter was me.  I went to college initially choosing Accounting as my major to only discover how much I disliked it.  Through a lot of bumps and bruises, I discovered my real passion: helping young people navigate life through the eyes of God.  I discovered that by someone from church recommending a training for me to attend.  I had never worked with young people.  I only knew I liked the thought of teaching people in general.  From that training, one thing lead to another and I found my calling, my passion!

Wherever you are in life, if you feel lost, bored, or confused, just keep your eyes and ears open for change.  The thing in life that will help you understand your purpose is probably closer than you think.  Don’t put all your focus and feelings on the drabness.  Trust that God will direct you to a place that fulfills your passion.  Just open up to His leading.  If you do that, you’ll see life is so much sweeter that way….like cupcakes!