Let's Start Over in 2018


By J. Grow: jonathandgrow.com

"Starting Over" is one of my favorite songs from hip hop artist, Macklemore. It details his experience of having relapsed and coming clean to his friends and family. He spoke about how hard it was for them to hear what happened. 

So what does start over really mean, though?  When I think about it, it can mean to come back from bad things done to you, or that you did to other people.  In my experience, starting over is like a fresh start. You just experienced something that devastated you, broke you, and you thought it would crush you.  Yet, you are still here with an opportunity to start over.  I'm not saying it will be easy because it never is.

In my personal life, I have had to start over many times.  Mostly because of my own doing.  Some of the things I have started over from are being abused, devastating break ups, and personal failures.  Each one affected me differently and took different amounts of time to overcome. 

When you get ready to start over, you have to first get off the metaphorical ground and dust yourself off.  You then have to assess the damage at some point and determine how much healing you need (which has honestly been hard for me sometimes).  Then you take one day at a time to correct the damage that has been done. 

Last word of advice: find someone you can vent to. Someone who knows you and you trust. Often times just talking about it, without being judged, does a lot to alleviate how you feel and will bring more peace to you.  I'm far from having this perfected.  There are moments where I don't get up for a while or I won't assess how I feel, but day by day I improve and that's all its really about. 

So this New Year in 2018, try starting over.  #HappyNewYear