Case Keenum's Right Priorities

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By Allie T. Robison

     During these past few weeks of both college and NFL football madness, there have been some standout moments where players refused to take their well-deserved glory and instead reflect it back on their Heavenly Father.  One of my favorite moments, though, was after a playoff game on Sunday, January 14th. The New Orleans Saints traveled to Minnesota to play the Vikings in their hometown. After a hard fought battle, the game went into overtime and both teams stepped up. The Vikings got the ball first, but went 3 and out giving the ball back to the Saints. The Saints drove down to kick a field goal and left less than a minute on the clock for the Viking's last chance at advancing in the playoffs. On the last snap of the game, Viking’s quarterback Case Keenum threw a perfect pass to his receiver near the sideline. The Saints’ defensive back missed the tackle to then make a bad read causing the Vikings’ receiver to go all the way. It was absolute chaos in Minneapolis, and the Vikings won.

     Case (@casekeenum7) rallied his team, rallied Vikings fans, and stepped up where it counted. When the interviewer approached Case after the game, he could have expected Case’s answers to sound like this: “This is the best day of my life. Man, I love football. I’ve been working so hard for so many years, and it’s finally paid off. I deserve this. I can’t wait to go further in the playoffs and then maybe to the Super Bowl! What a personal goal I will have accomplished!” He could have talked about himself the whole time because he did make a game-winning play and did an excellent job.  Instead he took the time to look at his life and compare this moment to a few others. This is what Case said:

“This is probably going to go down as the third best moment of my life behind giving my life to Jesus Christ and marrying my wife.”

     In the biggest moment of his football career, he made his priorities clear.  He let his entire audience of millions know straight up that his life does not revolve around football.

     See, this is the thing about walking with Jesus: the moment we give our lives to Him, our entire world changes its course and begins to orbit around Him. He is the Life-Giver, the Sustainer, the Father, and Sovereign God. Nothing else gives us what He does. In our “orbit” around our Creator, God calls us to accomplish things within the skill set and passions that He designed us with.

     God designed Case to glorify Him, to love his wife, and to play football. What Case told the media showed that he has realized the significance of each of those things in his life, and the order they take.

     What is your purpose? What fires you up? What is in your skill set that God specifically designed when creating you? If it’s using your musical talents to glorify God, your time on the basketball court or soccer field, or how speedy you are with figuring out those tough math problems, realize that what you are good at always comes second to how much your Heavenly Father loves you. Your purpose is found in Him first, but he loves you enough to encourage you to go for your goals and aim high.

     Case Keenum knows his purpose. He knows what he was put on this earth to do, is doing it, and is pumped about accomplishing a huge goal in his NFL career. There is nothing wrong with being overjoyed at the success God brings you, as long as you know that it is Him who is giving you the success, nd not your own efforts.  Find what you’re good at and find a way to glorify God with it. He takes such pleasure in watching you thrive!

Watch Case’s post-game interview here: