Purpose Found: Golden Conversation

(There are a lot of bad things going on right now in society.  We can either take these moments to learn from them and do better, or do nothing and let things get worse.  This blog is a first posting about something happening on a large scale, but a greater purpose found in the world of Hollywood and sexual abuse.)


By Allie T. Robison

   A recent conversation with my mom allowed for some reflection. Often times, I wish I had more of a platform to speak out about the things I am passionate about and believe that people would actually hear me. As I expressed to her my concerns about this, she brought up a few examples of when people with a platform spoke out about something, and it did not go over well. I answered her by praising the fact that they were using their platforms for something in the first place!

    I would like to think that if I ever made it “big,” that I would use my name for good. I could not guarantee it, though. It happens far too often that someone with immense talent “makes it” and becomes exceedingly famous, and all that comes of it is fame and money. One of the strengths of the millennial generation is their tendency to speak out about important issues. Millennials who are “making it” to fame are beginning to speak about issues that have been in the shadows in the past. Now more than ever, folks are realizing that things do not have to be swept under the rug anymore, and uncomfortable topics are being brought out into the open.

   One of the most astounding results of this new “speak your mind” movement is the infiltration of strong opinions into the 2018 Golden Globes. The Golden Globes is star-studded awards show highlighting the talented actors and actresses of the year. This year, it had a different twist. All along the red carpet, famous women seen in cinema walked out onto the red carpet dressed in black. This is a prime moment for designers to show off their new clothing and for the celebrities to have their fashion moment. However, as more and more women stepped onto the red carpet to pose in front of the cameras, the media and audiences back home began to take note.

   Despite the spectrum of reactions, it cannot be denied that the Hollywood stars achieved the result they wanted: attention and conversation. Contrary to the usual tradition of soaking up the flashes alone, actresses came together and took many group pictures to symbolize their solidarity.

The women’s decision of dress was attributed to an anti-sexual harassment action plan which “includes a $14 million legal fund to help victims of sexual harassment nationwide, legislation to push companies that tolerate it, and a push for gender equality among executives at talent agencies and studios.” (Buckley, https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/03/movies/times-up-golden-globes-red-carpet.html)

Reese Witherspoon describes the gesture as, “a statement that women are deeply unified.”

   Whether or not you agree with what these women did or how they chose to bring awareness to this cause, there is no denying that the women used their platform to bring awareness to something, especially on a night that is centered around themselves and their own accomplishments. It takes a lot to deflect the attention off of yourself, especially at an event that is made to celebrate those in your profession! It is almost like spending the day at a soup kitchen on your birthday… hey, not a bad idea! It is a change of mindset, but it makes an impact.

   These talented actresses came together to use their special night to create a national conversation about sexual assault. What change can you make in your everyday words, actions, thoughts, and behaviors to create a conversation? Think about it and #beaboutsomething.