#DouglasStrong: Blessed and Promised

Douglas High.jpg

By Allie T. Robison

     The world gives us a multitude of things to mourn. Seriously, if we sit and think about it, it is enough to keep us discouraged, hopeless, and lost forever. And it has had this effect on many. In light of recent events (and yes, six weeks ago is still recent), mourning is a process we all have gone through. Everyone shows it differently, and everyone processes differently. But it is something that crosses some people’s mind, and consumes others’. To some, grief is a small thought or prayer in the morning and evening, and to others, grief is a monster against which there is no weapon, or a raging sea to which there is no lifeboat. It is an entire spectrum, and depends on the season of life one is in, for it is part of life. However much or however little one chooses to grieve is up to that person, and is not something that is easily explained to anyone else. This does not stop others from proclaiming their opinion on how others mourn. As Christians, the opinion we should really care about is God’s.

     The pastor at a church I attended on Sunday preached on how God holds those who are mourning. There is a special place in His heart for those who mourn and who are in the process of grief. Matthew 5:4 says, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Jesus does not say “I am sorry if you are hurting. Get better soon.” Nor does he say, “There is no reason to be sad! Be happy!” He does not even push them away at all. He blesses them. And not only that, but he promises them comfort. He does not give a timeline, or say that “tomorrow, everything will be better!” But he promises comfort. And you know that when Jesus promises something, it comes true, and everyone feels it. Hold on to this promise. However hard it gets, there will be comfort.

Blessed are you who mourn. You will be comforted.