Get Over the Fear and Do It!

By J. Grow

     As a young man, I firmly believe that when you persevere nothing can keep you down.  You can get one hundred NOs, but all you need is that one YES.  Just be ready for that one yes.  If you waste time being bitter about all the rejection, you may not see the “yes” coming your way.  That’s why I keep striving to reach my goals.  Every mistake is just a learning lesson.  Every rejection is a step closer to the acceptance of what I’m trying to achieve.  The struggle is often real, but what’s inside of me is strong enough to push through that struggle.  To reach any goal, there are forms of oppression to keep you from reaching that next level.  The oppression could come from someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing to people who are against you simply for themselves.  The common factor between those that achieve greatness and those that don’t is perseverance.  Strive for your goals no matter what happens; it’s the only way to achieve them.

As Yoda says, “There is only do and don’t do, there is no try.”