Contact us to do any (or all) of the following:


  • Purchasing of books, craft materials, and other items for youth (i.e. Care Bags for released detainees)
  • Purchasing food for youth gatherings who may not eat in a loving community environment
  • Supply necessary toiletry or clothing items on a discretionary basis (i.e. school uniforms)
  • Support operational costs for printing, administrative supplies, marketing materials, and staff support


  • Arts and crafts materials - set of 10 for girls; set of 10 for boys
  • Cases of bottled water and/or Gatorade
  • Markers, pencils, construction paper, any school supplies

Our mailing address:  The 5th, Inc., PO Box 12531, Miami, FL 33101


  • Letter writing - write an encouraging letter to any of our youth detainees.  We directly deliver them. 
  • Volunteer to spend time at any of our outreaches: mentor, share a message, play basketball, or do a craft.
  • If you want to visit the Detention Center an extensive background check MUST be conducted.
  • Most of all - PRAY!  We believe in prayer and truly appreciate you including us in that special time. :-)



Thank you for helping us #beaboutsomething!